We’re on a lake, in a climate crisis, with too many hard surfaces.

So all that water has to go somewhere. But this ugly, human-made problem has a beautiful, natural solution.

Our name is our mission: reduce flooding through natural infrastructure — together, naturally.

In 2019, the Durham, Toronto and Niagara Community Foundations wanted to inform more people about the many benefits of natural infrastructure, particularly about its role in reducing the harm done by flooding. The Small Change Fund joined in and Unflood Ontario was born.

Unflood Ontario is also part of the Great Lakes One Water Initiative, dedicated to improving Great Lakes Water quality through community action across the Great Lakes basin.

  • Reduce flooding in Ontario, lessen water pollution and help prepare Ontario for climate change, which is expected to increase destructive flooding.
  • Create greater awareness about, and help make Ontario a world leader in, natural infrastructure.
  • Connect diverse partners to raise awareness, and build the networks that allow residents to transform individual changes into regional change.
  • Engage residents across the Greater Golden Horseshoe to collaborate in installing inexpensive green solutions to flooding.
  • Support local champions to engage local decision-makers to create policies that reduce flooding via green infrastructure, and invest public dollars in sensible solutions, with a particular focus on vulnerable communities.
  • Raise funds for local communities to take on-the-ground flood-reduction actions.
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