RAIN Community Solutions

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Green Communities Canada launched the RAIN program in 2010 after recognizing the incredible impact of stormwater runoff in urban areas. RAIN aims to reduce the speed of stormwater flows, maximize infiltration, and prevent harmful pollutants from entering our waterways through the use of natural infrastructure.

Working with municipalities, property owners, and community groups, RAIN Community Solutions provides home and business owners with information on how to effectively manage storm-water on their property.

RAIN has also developed a “Soak It Up! Toolkit” outlining a comprehensive list of actions that can be taken by municipalities to reduce stormwater runoff, including:

  • Implementation of NI into the political framework of municipalities
  • Education and engagement of property owners on the importance of NI
  • Management of alleyways to improve stormwater flow (i.e. Green Alley Program)
  • Investing in a healthy urban forest to manage stormwater