Depave Paradise, Green Communities Canada

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The Depave Paradise program works with communities nationwide to replace paved surfaces with permeable ones. Volunteers and community members remove asphalt and concrete from urban areas (parking lots, driveways, paved schoolyards), and plant gardens with native plant species that manage stormwater runoff and enhance local biodiversity. As of 2012, the program has carried out 43 events in 19 cities, transforming nearly 8,000m² of pavement into living green spaces.

In summer 2019, Depave Paradise completed five projects in Peterborough, Ontario, each with an area of just over 100m. The program now plans to expand its depaving projects into Downtown Peterborough. Due to a lack of space in such high-density regions, Depave Paradise will create “Pocket Parks” with an area of less than 50m², scattered throughout the downtown core, providing a small area of recreational and green space.

Depave Paradise
Pocket Paradise