No matter what else
we have to deal with,
rain will keep coming.

Unflood Ontario is a collaborative movement dedicated to reducing the impact of flooding on Ontario, starting in Niagara, Toronto, and Durham.

Green Solutions Hold Water.

Before global warming, traditional, human-built infrastructure was adequate for avoiding floods, by sending untreated stormwater and pollutants from rain-resistant surfaces into sewers and water bodies. But more rain means more floods. Cost-effective, sustainable and beautiful, natural infrastructure can compliment or even replace traditional solutions, while bringing communities and neighbourhoods together to make it real. Infrastructure absorbs water,
filters pollutants, and keeps it all away
from waterway, sewers, and homes. are Canada’s #1 property insurance claim:
A basement flood costs on average
$43,000 in damage. natural infrastructure sector
is a huge job engine in Ontario,
creating 122,000 jobs in 2018 alone. can implement many
natural solutions themselves
at minimal cost. Infrastructure reduces localized flooding and its economic
and community impacts.
Car Lot
A major 2013 flood cost Toronto
over $65 million in response
and recovery, plus millions more
in infrastructure repair.

Cutting your flood risks could lower your insurance rates.
Assess now.