BurlingtonGreen has a great natural infrastructure project to share!

Their project “Green Up” is part of an annual flagship opportunity for the Burlington community to participate in restoring and improving local habitat and biodiversity. To date, more than 70,500 native plants, shrubs, and trees have been planted in Burlington as part of the project.

As Program Coordinator, Kelly Spanik, explains, “by increasing the volume of vegetation in our local community, we are creating a ‘soft-flood defence’, since trees can help slow down the rate of water flow into our streets, rivers and city drainage system.”

Tree roots play a particularly important role in combatting flooding as they create passages into the soil for water to follow, as well as anchor the surrounding soil to prevent landslides and erosion.

“Green Up” also encourages the public to learn about TLC (Tree Loving Care) so that they can better care for trees in their community.

For more information on “Green Up”, please visit https://www.burlingtongreen.org/ or email bg@burlingtongreen.org.