Unflood Ontario featured in Vital Signs report

By October 5, 2021December 3rd, 2021No Comments

Unflood Ontario is featured on pages 81-83 of The Toronto Foundation’s 2021 Vital Signs report.

The feature highlights the importance of natural infrastructure in not only mitigating flooding impacts, but also reducing the urban heat island effect, as a source of community food gardens, and providing relief for people without climate controlled homes as Ontario sees increasingly hot summers.

“[N]atural infrastructure creates all these wonderful webs and connections, and can be so helpful to everyone. If we can scale this up, my goodness, that’s going to have a dramatic positive impact on the city,” says Franz Hartmann of Unflood Ontario.

Hartmann also emphasized that, while everyone can get involved in natural infrastructure, to truly benefit all Torontonians there needs to be government investment. Such investment is particularly crucial in historically marginalized communities which so often bear the brunt of extreme weather events.

Check out the report for more on how natural infrastructure can benefit Toronto and its residents!